Weekend in my Life

This past weekend I was extremely busy with Youtube, Instagram photoshoots, school, and activities. Throughout my adventures, I captured a few or maybe over three hundred pictures haha. I thought for today’s blog post I would do a weekend in my life so I could share with you guys the awesome pictures I got while I was out. I made sure to also link the outfits I am wearing in the photos so you guys could check them out as well.



I started off the day by going hiking with my friend Kristopher! We had so much fun besides the fact that I almost fell in mud ten times with converse on, jean shorts, and a crop top. Not a good pair if I do say so myself. The pictures turned out absolutely gorgeous though and it was such a pretty day to go hiking.


My outfit:

Tropical Black Floral Print Top
Mid Rise Denim Shorts with Distressed Detail


On Saturday I took some pretty pictures with my friend Lauren and they turned out so cute. I was super extra and spent $18 on sunflowers and it was definitely worth it.


My outfit:

Billabong Twist and Jump – Tie-Front Romper
Floppy Straw Hat


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