Playlist Live 2019

Hey guys! Last weekend, I went to Playlist Live and it was seriously so much fun. I have 2 vlogs coming from the weekend so make sure to check them out on my vlog channel.

Day 1:


The first day of Playlist, I had a fantastic day filled with panels and meet ups. I even had my own panel this year and I talked about trends versus individuality as a Youtuber. I included some clips of me speaking on the panel in the vlog so make sure to check it out.


After my panel, I got an acai bowl from Purple Ocean and they are soooo good! I got one last year and I was so happy to see the truck there again.



That night, I had the Playlist Live Pool Party and this is always one of my favorite parts of the weekend because it is so fun jamming to music with your friends while chilling by the pool.


Day 2:


On the second day I was in Orlando, Megan and I took some pictures and filmed all day. Make sure to check out both of our channels to see the videos when they come out. I will also link the videos here.

My video: PLAYLIST LIVE TRANSFORMATION | Get Ready With Us for Playlist

Megan’s video:


Megan is an angel and also took me to the Colette Miller wings wall at Jacq + Jack in Lake Nona. This wall is so adorable.



One more thank you to Megan and her sweet roommate Caitlyn for taking me around Orlando over the weekend. Also thank you if you came up to me at Playlist or attended my panel. It means the world to me!


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