Aesthetic Christmas Gift Ideas 2019

Hey guys! I can’t believe the holiday season is already here. For today’s blog post, I teamed up with Case App and we will be giving away a Case App phone case or laptop skin. I also will be sharing with you all some unique holiday gift ideas. Make sure to check out my Youtube video so you can see more gift ideas.


  1. Case App phone case

For the first idea, phone cases are always great gifts for any occasion. Case App offers a variety of unique phone cases and laptop skins for models of iPhones, Macs, Samsungs, and Google devices. I am currently holding a giveaway for a Caseapp phone case or laptop skin. To enter the giveaway, make sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel, follow me on Instagram, and follow Case App and you will be entered. I also have a 20% off coupon code, which is “HEATHERELISE20”



2. Blue light glasses

Blue light glasses are perfect for anyone who uses a screen for their job or someone addicted to their phone lol. MVMT has some super cute blue light glasses that are stylish for everyday wear.

3. Bullet journal

Bullet journaling is quite trendy currently and Barns and Nobles has adorable journals and pens for anyone trying to get into that for the New Year.

4. Film camera

This is something on my personal list. After getting a few disposable cameras from Walgreens, I’ve decided that I want to upgrade and get a more professional film camera.

5. Mini fridge

If you know someone going to college and needs a fridge for their dorm this would be a great idea for them. Wink wink.

6. Collage wall

I have a collage wall in my room and I get compliments about it frequently. I made mine out of magazine pages, but it would be way more convenient to get a pack of images off of Etsy.

7. Metallic makeup

I personally would love to receive some metallic makeup this Christmas. I love the look and it’s super trendy right now.

8. Customized yoga mat

If you have a friend that likes working out, a customized workout mat or yoga mat would be perfect for them.

9. Dainty jewelry

Gold jewelry is in style right now and especially hoop earrings with charms. You could get someone a set of hoops and then pack of charms to put on them.

10. Customized art items

If you make your own art, you could get it printed on a mug, journal, or really any item you could think of and give it to your family members.

11. Hoodie/sweatshirt

Street style clothes are popular thanks to Tik Tok and it would be cool to get someone a new sweatshirt or hoodie if they are trying to up their style.

12. Blowout gift card

I personally would love if someone got me a blowout gift card because I enjoy getting my hair done to make content with or just to look nice for when I go out.

13. White sneakers

Sneakers are a fashion essential and usually mine are dirty by the end of the year. I think it’s a great idea to get new ones at the beginning of each year so you can feel fresh for the new year.

14. Vinyls

If you know someone with a record player, you could get them a collection of vinyls.

15. Lightroom presets

Finally, Lightroom mobile presets are perfect for anyone trying to up their Instagram game in 2020. Lightroom Mobile is free so you could get them a preset pack and they could edit their pictures with it. My favorite presets are by Jaci Marie!


Thank you guys so much for reading this blog post. Make sure to enter into my giveaway and comment what you are thankful for this holiday season.


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