Make it worth it: Marketing your work!

Now that you have conducted a photo shoot and completed the editing phase, it is time to promote your work! In this post, you can expect to learn how to implement some marketing tactics to publish and receive recognition for your efforts as a photographer. This aspect of being a freelance photographer, creative director, and artist can be the most worthwhile part of this profession. 

Marketing matters

One of the most crucial parts of a photographer’s success comes down to whether the photographer knows how to market and network. Most of the time, even talented small business photographers receive little press or recognition because of their lack of marketing skills and tactics needed to get one’s name out there. The most successful photographers on social media today include Amber AsalySam DameshekBryant Eslava, and Krissy Saleh. Each of these Los Angeles artists built their career by using forms of digital marketing to gain more attention to their photography. Many have notable celebrity connections and work for name-brand companies and magazines. In order to establish a network as a growing photographer in the industry, one must recognize the importance of promotion through marketing outlets. Make sure to take advantage of unique opportunities that arise. 

Social media

Primarily, the most common form of marketing happens through social media platforms. Presently, individuals strive to create their own editorial magazine feed on Instagram. It is a prime place for photographers to network and market their art. Influencers and brands need photos and content to be available at all times. Utilizing hashtags and posting frequently on sites such as Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and Pinterest to showcase your work will ignite growth in the marketplace. Through social media platforms, clients can message the photographer about shoots and it also allows more exposure to the photographer’s portfolio. Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest users love saving unique photos, tagging their friends in photo shoot ideas, and finding new accounts to follow for inspiration. Make sure to be active on social media and showcase your best work for a glimpse at your portfolio. 

Here is @heatherharpolephotography’s Instagram account. Heather utilizes Instagram as a platform to promote her photography portfolio and share behind the scenes footage on her story. 

Here are some TikTok ideas photographers can film to promote their art. These include behind the scenes of a photo shoot, a day in the life of a photographer, and a video about pose ideas. 

Digital media 

The next form of marketing in photography comes down to the opportunities one receives in digital media. This means a photographer’s photos could be displayed on a website or on the cover of a magazine. It is crucial to request credit for each photo that companies utilize on their sites and for marketing because these connections can oftentimes lead to future collaborations and job opportunities for the photographer. Companies compare the photo shoots of their competitors and find inspiration from other brands. Knowing this, keep in mind that additional opportunities will arise as the photographer works with brands, influencers, and magazines that have connections to all industries. 

These are examples of digital advertisements Hamsa Club displays on their website using Heather’s photography and graphic designs.

Print work

Another type of marketing is print advertisements. This includes magazines, newspapers, books, posters, cards, products, and more that have images printed on the items for promotion. Industry connections can pick up one’s work by seeing a billboard that has your photography on it. From there, the interactors can do their own research and discover who directed and shot the graphics. Print work can be a phenomenal way to obtain local or global connections in an area depending on where the advertisements are placed.

FIDM MODE Magazine cover shoot

Word of mouth

One of the most exciting types of promotion is word of mouth marketing that advances one’s work ethic and talent in the press. Connections and collaborations achieved with well-known brands will lead to additional industry opportunities. Next time you are at a party, pay attention to the people that are being mentioned or brought up in a conversation. Sometimes in this industry, any press is good because it means that one’s name is becoming known in a field. Regardless of this, hopefully your photography presents a unique outlook on your life and your growing career! 


An additional segment of marketing one’s craft is creating a professional portfolio. Once one creates and selects a variety of diverse styles, the photographer can begin to put together a portfolio. This is a website that offers another outlet for promotion which can be added to their social media profiles, sent to a potential client that represents their style, and demonstrates skills in website design. Although Instagram acts as a portfolio for many photographers today, having a website portfolio conveys professionalism because it saves the client time from having to sort through your work. 

Here is a brief look at Heather’s photography portfolio. Clear your portfolio utilizing a website making platform such as Wix, WordPress, or Squarespace to guarantee a clean and polished layout.

Well done

Once you have marketed your product, you must keep up the good work! It is important to recognize that with a job in social media and digital marketing, there is never a day off because society constantly views their electronic devices. Make sure to take mental health breaks when needed and understand that all success comes at different times for individuals in this career field. At the remainder of the day, the most exciting part is the finished product and art created for the client. It is always great to experience fulfillment creatively regardless of the amount of followers and press your efforts receive. However, this results as a pleasant surprise and bonus at times! Leave a comment below if you have any advice for creatives starting to get into the photography field or advice on promoting one’s work on social media platforms.

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